Step 1

You schedule your shipment

You can schedule your bi-weekly batch pick-ups via the platform. Your customer or sales team can place ordersto be shipped to the licensed facilities. You can schedule your shipment for delivery directly.

Step 2

Fulfillment team packs your orders

After a shipment is scheduled, your fulfillment team can then use the Falcann’s Shipping System to ensure that all packages are correctly and securely prepared

Step 3

Secure Batch Pick-up

You’ll receive a tracking email that includes when and who will pick up the product from your facility. At the specified time, one of our secure vehicles will arrive. After all validations are completed product will be transported to the designated location as per the manifest.

Step 4

Secure Delivery

This could be from your facility or from our warehouse to your customer’s location. Once an order is ready for delivery, we will reach out to retailers to confirm shipment details and tracking information, giving them full visibility into their order status.

Step 5

You get a daily shipping summary

At the end of each day, you’ll get an in-platform notification with details about every order that was shipped and delivered, along with retailer payment details - cash, check, or any other means.